LVA Installation Manuals are meant to disclose "best practice" during the installation process.  LVA is in no way, shape, or form responsible for any damaged products, personal injury, or damaged property resulting from improper installation.  PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION IS REQUIRED. The user assumes full responsibility for ensuring proper installation as intended. To ensure proper function and reliability, LVA advises you to choose a professional body or performance shop for proper installation. Failure to do so can lead to a serious failure in the splitter, front bumper, and underbelly.  LVA Front Splitters are intended to work as a complete system when installed onto original vehicle body parts (i.e. front bumpers, air dams, etc.).

LVA Installation Manuals

Click to Download - LVA Front Splitter Installation Manual

Click to Download - 2015+ Dodge Challenger SRT LVA Front Splitter Installation Manual

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