LVA V.2 Splitter Support Rod Carbon Fiber Conversion Kit

LVA V.2 Splitter Support Rod Carbon Fiber Conversion Kit

Convert your existing Gloss Black, Bright Silver, Anodized Red, Anodized Blue, Anodized Purple, or Anodized Gold LVA V.2 Splitter Support Rods to REAL Carbon Fiber in minutes!

Available in our two standard Splitter Support Rod sizes, 150mm and 200mm.

"How do I determine which size to order?"

Easy!  Simply measure the Center Tube of your existing LVA V.2 Splitter Support Rods.  If the measurement is ~5.9in, you need the 150mm option.  If the measurement is ~7.9in, you need the 200mm option.

"How do I Install these on my existing LVA V.2 Splitter Support Rods?"

Installation takes less than 5 minutes.  Grab a ratchet with a 10mm socket, and remove the locking nut and washer holding the lower portion of the Rod to the Splitter itself.  Next, take a small allen key and loosen the bolt on the top side of the Support Rod to allow an upward rotation of the Rods themselves.  Then, follow through with that motion, raising the rods upwards away from the Splitter.  Now, loosen (twist) the black connection on the lower portion of the Rod.  Once fully loosened, it will separate from the Rod's internal hardware.  At this point in time, simply slide the original Center Tube off of the Rod and slide the new Carbon Fiber Center Tube into its place.  Repeat the steps above in reverse order to re-install.  *LVA Pro-Tip : Use Blue Loctite on the upper allen-head bolt when retightening.  You can reuse the original lower washer, however, do not reinstall the original locking nut on the bottom.  Instead, utilize the two replacements included with your Conversion Kit as these are a one-time use.  BOOM!  You're all set.

"What's included in the package?"

  • (qty: 2) LVA Real Carbon Fiber Center Tubes, in your desired size.
  • (qty: 2) LVA Replacement Locking Nuts

"How do I maintain the finish of my LVA V.2 Splitter Support Rod Carbon Fiber Conversion Kit?"

Treat the Carbon Fiber finish just like any other painted surface on your vehicle.  While they feature a UV-resistant coating, we highly advise regular cleaning to avoid contamination and/or discoloring.  As always, a proper automotive wax, sealant, or ceramic coating is never a bad idea for ultimate protection.

Approved for use on our LVA V.2 Adjustable Splitter Support Rods ONLY.

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