LVA V.2 Adjustable Splitter Support Rods - Carbon Fiber Finish

LVA V.2 Adjustable Splitter Support Rods

After a long wait, our all-new REAL Carbon Fiber Finished V.2 Rods are finally here.

Available in Custom Lengths up to 19 inches!

"How do I determine which size to order?"

Simply measure the distance from one mounting point to the other.  This could be from your vehicle's metal crash bar to the Splitter itself.  Or even the bumper cover to the Splitter itself.  Once you have that measurement, reference the Sizing List below.  Select the length that's closest to your original measurement.

Custom Length Sizing List

4 Inches | 3.65in to 4.40in
5 Inches
 | 4.65in to 5.40in
6 Inches
 | 5.65in to 6.40in
7 Inches
 | 6.65in to 7.40in
8 Inches
 | 7.65in to 8.40in
9 Inches
 | 8.65 to 9.40in
10 Inches
 | 9.65 to 10.40in
11 Inches
 | 10.65 to 11.40in
12 Inches
 | 11.65 to 12.40in
13 Inches
 | 12.65 to 13.40in
14 Inches
 | 13.65 to 14.40in
15 Inches
 | 14.65 to 15.40in
16 Inches
 | 15.65 to 16.40in
17 Inches
 | 16.65 to 17.40in
18 Inches
 | 17.65 to 18.40in
19 Inches
 | 18.65 to 19.40in

Standard Length Sizing List

150mm | 7.55in to 8.30in
200mm | 9.55in to 10.30in

Each LVA V.2 Adjustable Splitter Support Rod features 0.75in of total adjustment.  If your measurement falls near the lower-end of the sizing range, we'd suggest sizing up if possible.

Key Features

NEW and improved design featuring ZERO exposed external hardware, beefed up mounting threads, a sleeker modern design, and gloss black powder-coated aluminum mounting components on both ends.

We've outfitted these new V.2 Rods with improved "Marine-Grade" 316 Stainless Steel Fender Washers and Nylon Locking Nuts to ensure an excellent and worry-free mount.

"What's included in the package?"

  • (qty: 2) LVA V.2 Carbon Fiber Splitter Support Rods, in your desired size.
  • (qty: 4) 316SS Fender Washers
  • (qty: 4) 316SS Nylon Locking Nuts

"How do I maintain the finish of my LVA Carbon Fiber V.2 Adjustable Splitter Support Rods?"

Treat the Carbon Fiber finish just like any other painted surface on your vehicle.  While they feature a UV-resistant coating, we highly advise regular cleaning to avoid contamination and/or discoloring.  As always, a proper automotive wax, sealant, or ceramic coating is never a bad idea for ultimate protection.

Approved for use on our LVA V.2 Adjustable Splitter Support Rods ONLY.

Approved for use on any LVA Front Splitter

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